A conversation with Lucy Smith, owner of Neurita Tequila

Neurita Tequila is a new variation of Tequila, a variety of naturally flavored Tequilas created to be the ideal base, wherefore we call ‘Margarita Mixology’; NeuritaTequila serves much longer. Neurite uses premium tequila sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, and instills it with natural fruit essences.
Our Flavored Tequila array was produced as the best base for a timeless Margarita in three basic steps, with no triple sec called for. Neurite is all about making the very best TequilaTequila mixed drinks in one of the tastiest and most fundamental ways feasible, but it’s also rejuvenating an old standard. Neurita’s Margarita Spritz is our signature alcoholic beverage you’ll become aware of very soon.

How did the concept for Neurita come about?

My friends and also I have always liked Margaritas as well, as, for many years, I have ended up being a Neurita Tequila enthusiast, but I have never located a brand name that stood for the spirit of the method I saw it. I thought Tequila was living in a slightly obsolete globe. The big brand names of TequilaTequila have a very masculine and patient tone, contrasting with the light and uplifting tone of the Margarita minutes.
While there are ‘pre-mixed Margarita‘ drinks focused on females, many are extremely sweet and younger in tone. It got me thinking ‘why should the serious ‘real’ brands of Tequila be for men and only sugary and thinned-down versions for females? The women I, such as Margaritas, should have much better, so I determined to make them for them.
Neurite is here to damage the 2D world tequila presently stays in; why do you require it to be severe to be a fierce competitor? Why can’t a Tequila brand name have top-quality primary qualifications and the uplifting playfulness of fun Margaritas? I discovered it comparable to various other 2D things in life, needing to act a specific way in particular scenarios to ‘fit in.’ Neurita’s line of costs fruit-infused tequilas pushes the limits of what you believe TequilaTequila can be– superior TequilaTequila, tasty fruit flavors, best for mixing drinks.

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What were your most significant challenges for the launch, and how did you conquer them?

Remarkably, the most significant challenges we faced were what we believed would certainly be the smallest. We are working side by side with family members who had a Neurita Tequila distillery in Mexico; our supply supervisor is a friend of the family, so this has made sourcing Tequila easier for us, which is the most significant difficulty when beginning a Tequila brand. On the other hand, little points like obtaining boxes and lids on schedule from regional suppliers created delays.
It’s the supply chain course worldwide currently, extremely unpredictable. We could safeguard vast amounts of raw materials that will assist us in keeping our supply regular after launch.
What can we get out of Neurita in the future?
Neurite is below to push the limits of what TequilaTequila is– fruit-infused TequilaTequila crafted for Margaritas and ideal for blending. While we inherit the Margarita, our Rosa (pink TequilaTequila) and Citrus products can be used for various Tequila cocktails. We will be sharing our Neurita winter months dishes before Xmas and also till the summer season of next year with a few more items up our sleeve.