Are stainless steel drinking bottles safe to drink from?

A drinking bottle made of stainless steel is safe to drink from. Stainless steel is not harmful or toxic and it will not leak chemicals, even if the bottle is damaged or if you fill the bottle with hot liquids such as tea and coffee. personalised water bottle can also be washed at high temperatures, which also reduces the risk of contamination by bacteria.

To drink water

Drinking water is of course very healthy, and that is the reason that many people now also carry bottles of water with them so they can drink water regularly. Since almost all of us are dehydrating and drinking far too little water, this is of course very good.

Unfortunately, I see a lot around me that people drink from plastic water bottles or spa blue bottles. However, the plastic bottles for purchased water are not made to be reused. You can’t clean those bottles properly either! Have you ever smelled the plastic water bottle you drink your water from while exercising?

And of course we also think about the environment by replacing all that plastic with sustainable stainless steel

So you see a lot of slogans like BPA-free, it’s a nice marketing trick. People now just think that you have to pay attention to that. The reality is different, there are many different types of plasticizers such as BPE or BPF, but many more that are unfortunately still widely used.

That is one reason why I advocate stainless steel bottles and  lunch boxes  and not BPA-free plastic as a base. Caps and lids are an exception because they are not in constant contact with food and/or drinks.

What does BPA do to you?

But what do all those substances do to you? As a man, you are not looking for those hormones anyway because they can lead to extra breast formation.

It is also known that high levels in your body can contribute to cancer formation. Now plastic bottles are not the only thing that gives you extra Xenoestrogens in your body, but I will come back to that in another blog.

What should you pay attention to when buying a stainless steel bottle?

First of all, it is really stainless steel. On the outside you can one day be fooled by aluminum, but now that is not a good choice, anyway because aluminum is not healthy in our diet. Now the makers of those bottles know this too, and put a protective layer in the bottles that includes, yes, you guessed it: 

To clean

What is also important is that you can clean the bottle properly. So choose a Glass Bottle with a wide opening so that you can easily reach it with a washing-up brush to clean it.

You can even put bottles that are made entirely of stainless steel in the dishwasher. The bottles with a nice color cannot do this and you will therefore have to wash them thoroughly by hand. The bottles in my webshop are colored with a non-toxic paint and are not dishwasher safe.


Then you have different caps. If you choose a  stainless steel leak-proof screw cap, you will have no plastic in contact with your water at all.

You also have  different Coffee Travel Cup:

  • The Loop cap classic, a 100% leak-proof cap. This handy cap is easy to attach to anything thanks to the ‘loop’. Perfect for on the go.
  • The  Sportcap 3.0, perfect for exercise and to take with you. Pull the cap open with your mouth or hand to quickly drink something in between.

All plastic caps must be replaced regularly, but the  stainless steel screw cap  lasts a very long time because it has no moving parts.

Keep warm

The stainless steel bottles do not have a keep-warm function, but are really there to replace the drinking bottles with a healthier one. If you want to take food or drinks with you, cool or warm, choose a  thermos flask or cup. Multifunctional because you can take both food and drinks, hot or cold, with you.

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