Chat with Sarah Gilchriest, Global COO of Upskilling Course Company: Circus Street

Circus Street is an award-winning specialist provider of online digital skills training designed specifically for global businesses. We partner with global companies to help people learn better and work smarter. To do this, we transform digital skills training, making it interactive, effective and informed by up-to-date experience. This allows companies to develop digital capabilities at scale.

More than 600,000 people in over 150 countries are using Circus Street to increase their digital knowledge and confidence. We work with global market leaders like Sanofi, Nestlé, Pfizer, P&G and Coca-Cola on their marketing and commercial teams across a wide range of digital skills, from e-commerce, social media, digital marketing to big data and analytics.


What do you think makes Circus Street unique?

It’s our people! We provide an environment that allows our people to thrive and shine. We are a team and we celebrate our diversity and connection. This year, we won 5th place in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company in the world.

This award is the ultimate source for recognizing organizations that are transforming industries, and we are honored to receive this award as it truly showcases how we achieve excellence from our people. We are committed to creating the best product, learning experience and account management for our customers. We can only achieve this level of excellence for our customers through our people, which is why we place such importance on the well-being of our team.

The happier they are and the better the environment they work in, the more we can guarantee that we will always deliver the best to our customers.

The second element is our mapping of customers’ learning program objectives to their business objectives to create business impact. We provide ROI on learning programs by testing pre- and post-learning assessments, assessing the current status of the business through our audit tool, and delivering a fully customized account management process that adds real value to our clients.

Each customer receives a personalized experience that connects their business and teams to goals. Regularly checking on program progress and how new skills are being consolidated across the organization is crucial to our offering.

How has the company evolved in the last two years?

We’ve grown a lot in recent years. We now have global teams in EMEA, US, Africa and APAC. Since our company was founded in 2011, our training has naturally evolved to keep up with the latest technological advances and changing business needs – the growth of Digital Transformation projects is a prime example.

We’ve always been online and built for the Enterprise customer, training on strategy, insights, data, e-commerce, martech, digital literacy and more. Circus Street is a very fast growing company – we are now teaching courses for some of the biggest global companies around the world. We’re excited about it, but our focus remains on making the best product on the market, like our new style of virtual environment production, which offers the most immersive and interactive learning experience to date.

Dealing with such a broad customer base of over 600,000 students and over 150 countries meant we had to keep scaling and growing at a rapid pace.

What can we expect to see from Circus Street in the future?

In 2021, Circus Street was acquired by QA, which also owns Cloud Academy. QA is the UK’s #1 Technology Skills organization and provides the critical training and talent solutions that technology roles demand to help their organizations win in the Digital Revolution, covering critical disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Engineering. of Software.

Together, the three companies can ensure that companies are prepared for any fundamental changes in the way they operate as a result of digital technology, helping our customers to modernize their businesses and add value to customers through the skills of their employees. Our focus is on the 3 key areas of capability an organization needs to succeed in this space:

  • Technology
  • Digital business skills and fluency
  • Product management.

The great thing about working with educational technology is that it never stops changing! There are always new opportunities to offer different types of training in different channels and formats.

In practical terms, our range of services will continue to grow to anticipate our customers’ needs and expectations, we will continue our global expansion and we are investing a lot of resources in expanding the types of courses we offer.

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