You don’t know how to move heavy furniture and are looking for a solution to do it quickly and without too much effort?

This article is made just for you!

Moving heavy furniture is a rather tiring job for anyone, with all the possible consequences of the case also from a physical point of view.

Those like you who are not used to this type of activity would do well to get help from the now ubiquitous tools.

They are able to transport, with extreme ease, appliances and furniture for your home. 

Some time ago I had to paint the walls of the house and I didn’t know how to move all the furniture to make room.

So I started studying a solution by seeing what the market offers since nowadays they have invented everything to make jobs simple and within everyone’s reach and here’s what I found.

Professional furniture mover: the solution 

Some of the most used objects for furniture movers are corners with wheels.

This carrying system is effective and at the same time reduces the load of effort required for such an activity. 

Crawling a piece of furniture, especially if it is heavy and large, often causes damage to the tiles or parquet in your home.

The support of a professional and guaranteed product certainly benefits your health and avoids unnecessary work overload.

There is no need to put a strain on your health in any way to move a piece of furniture. The do-it-yourself technique without help, more than ever in this case, is absolutely not recommended and counterproductive.

To move heavy things you need physical strength and the right way to apply strength, otherwise the risk of getting hurt is very high.

HeavEasy furniture mover kit

Another valid support for moving heavy objects around the house is the Heav Easy furniture mover kit .

This furniture moving aid allows you to safely transport objects up to a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

Inside there are 4 adjustable feet with wheels and an iron lever to lift furniture up to 200 kg: at the moment it only exists in yellow. 

The kit is equipped with directional wheels and made with absolutely resistant materials for transporting a piece of furniture.

Thanks to Heaven Easy you can use a lifting handle that rotates up to a maximum of 180 degrees: the product is non-slip.

The wheels, however, can rotate up to 300 degrees and therefore removal company Birmingham very easily and, at the same time, lift them without any effort on your part.

It can be used to lift appliances, sofas and beds during cleaning, in absolute safety and with great convenience.

DIY furniture slider

Given the cost of the supports to easily slide the furniture on the floor, I strongly advise you against wasting time on do-it-yourself solutions.

In addition to wasting time in looking for a suitable material and preparing it properly, you can order supports directly on Amazon and given the efficiency of deliveries from the largest online store you will receive your solution directly at home probably before you manage to produce them with your hands!

I Removals Birmingham is a support for moving furniture or any other heavy object , equipped with 8.9 cm round moving sliders.

It is an absolutely effective product for sliding without any risk the chairs you care about, but also carpets and especially heavy furniture that is difficult to move during a move or a simple change of room.

Inside the package there are 16 high-quality felt pads for moving furniture: they have been made with plastic material and also with EVA foam.

Their thickness is 1 cm and are useful for lightening the workload when moving furniture. In essence they also act as a protective carpet, not only for the furniture itself, but also for floors, tiles, terrace, marble, wood and for carpets in the house.

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