Interview with Matthew Mansell, Founder of On-Demand Gym Marketplace: Athlo

Athlo is an app that allows gym members and class package holders to rent their membership to other gym-goers for money when they’re not using it, earning back their membership fee or class package in return.

Meanwhile, for those looking to temporarily rent a membership, it provides access to on-demand gyms and classes at preferential prices, without the need for expensive one-off fees or subscriptions. Not only does Athlo solve a number of important issues for gym-goers, it also provides gym operators with some much-needed control – helping to reduce member turnover, preventing memberships from being frozen, and improving retention.

What do you think makes this company unique?

What makes Athlo different is that it provides a complete solution for members, consumers and operators. It is the first member-centric retention and growth platform, giving members more flexibility to get the most out of their membership, allowing gym providers to better retain their member base.

Previous studies have shown that Britons squandered up to £4 billion a year on unused gyms. One of the most common reasons why people unsubscribe from the gym is because they don’t believe they are getting value for their money for the amount they are using.

What we wanted to do was give members more control over their membership, give consumers more choice and accessibility with the classes they take, and give operators opportunities for recurring revenue through reselling memberships.

How has the company evolved in the last two years?

As a startup, we have been in product development for the past two years, working closely with our development team. Beta testing gave us crucial feedback from early adopters, and all of these learnings were implemented to improve our product ahead of launch in September.

When we first discussed the Athlo concept, we could see the potential benefits for consumers, members and gym operators. The first tests allowed us to demonstrate this and we were very pleased with the response we got, onboarding 4,500 pre-registered users and partnering with some of London’s leading boutiques.

What can we expect from Athlo in the future?

In the coming weeks, we will be announcing a number of new operators and integrating them into the platform – including KXU, One LDN, GRNDHOUSE, LondonCryo, Metabolic and Rowbots, to name a few. We are very excited about these new partners, which will expand our in-app offering and offer consumers even more choice. Additional functionality will be added to the app with some incredibly innovative and unique features for our users.

Launched in London, Athlo has plans to expand internationally into travel corridors between London and the US in 2023. The growth potential is huge and we can’t wait to see what the next 12 months have in store.

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