Meet Felipe A D’Onofrio, CTO of Blockchain-Based Tokenization Platform: Brickken

tell us about you

You could say I’m a builder, for about 6 years I’ve been working around the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Being from Venezuela, I saw cryptocurrencies not as a curiosity, but as a way to solve one of the biggest economic crises ever seen in the world. Seeing the potential of this, I started to work on transmitting my knowledge about the use of cryptocurrencies to fight inflation and I also realized that tools were needed so that not only users, but also companies could use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.

This is how I created a PoS for companies that allowed converting Bs (Bolivar) into cryptocurrencies, a function that was not available at the time in my country.

This was my first foray into building a cryptocurrency-related solution. From there, I started to venture into new projects that seemed disruptive to me, such as electronic signatures and contactless payment solutions, as well as cryptoactive clearing systems as a solution for the banking sector – thus allowing more people to adopt the cryptocurrency universe. active.

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How did the idea for Brickken come about?

Well for me, Brickken started with a conversation with Edwin Mata, in which he talked to me about the need to create a platform that meets the legal requirements for issuing security tokens. I had previously worked with Edwin on creating an electronic signature solution and we had already worked side by side on different legal requirements as Edwin is one of the best prepared lawyers in the legal-tech field.

When we had this conversation, I had already been analyzing the STO topic for a few years, the potential of tokenization as a tool for generating value and funding for those who do not have similar financial tools. So when Edwin told me he wanted to start the project, I didn’t think twice, I immediately joined in and we started working.

What makes Brickken unique?

Brickken stands out for being a multidisciplinary team at its core that seeks to make web3 technology accessible and provide infrastructure for all those who want to tokenize. First, we focus on being able to simplify the complexity of the processes necessary for the tokenization of a company.

Centered on the user and mainly on the web2 user, we are gradually expanding web3 technology. By creating user-friendly interfaces, Brickken has created an ecosystem of experts that can be used by companies interested in tokenization and that can accompany them in their tokenization process.

In addition, Brickken seeks to be legally reported in each jurisdiction where a company wants to perform its tokenization by performing KYC on each of the participants of an STO.

What can we expect from Brickken in the future?

At Brickken we are starting with the foundation, which is the tokenization of a company allowing it to perform its STO, but this is just the beginning. Once a company is already tokenized, it needs to be managed and under its new decentralized model.

Therefore, Brickken will continue to expand the tools and infrastructure that a company needs to be managed decentrally. We are continually adding new tools to assist and facilitate effective management.

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