Meet Oyetola Isola, co-founder of the West African Ready-Meal Company: Oyetty Meals

Oyetty Meals are West African ready meals that we launched earlier this year in association with the Samis Online brand. These are mouthwatering, flavorful ready meals that offer an alternative to the existing range of ready meals currently available in stores and larger stores.

We use only the freshest ingredients and create original recipes that embrace the taste of West African food without the hassle of cooking! Our meals cater for all tastes, from meat stews and soups to plant-based vegan recipes. It’s all about being authentic, we want to bring the taste of ‘home’ to our customers as well as introduce West African food to new customers who are not familiar with this type of cuisine.

About Oyetty – Oyetty Ready Meals

How did the idea for the company come about?

We noticed a lack of West African cuisine available in traditional stores, particularly in the ready-to-eat section, so we decided to do our research in the ready-to-eat market. We have learned that the value of the current UK frozen meals sector is worth approximately £7.21 billion sterling, according to a report carried out by the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) in 2022, which we believe creates a huge market opportunity for our West African Ready Meal.

On average, Brits buy over 3 million ready meals a day, so why not be included in that number? Oyetty is a funky vibe to my name, Oyetola.

How has the company evolved in the last two years?

Oyetty Meals is still in its infancy, but we’ve added more meals to the range and continue to do so. We also launched a charity side of Oyetty meals called The Oyetty Foundation.

This charity donates 5% of all Oyetty Ready Meals to families in Nigeria who have children with special needs. Our ultimate goal is to work with families closer to home in the West Midlands, where we plan to host a support group to help parents talk to other parents going through the same thing and find shared support and understanding. We found that there is often a lack of special needs education in our community and we wanted to find a way to give back.

What can we expect from Oyetty in the future?

As we add more and more recipes to our Oyetty Meals range, we have plans to approach and collaborate with UK supermarkets in the future as we feel we can offer them a range of ready-to-eat meals that will really excite customers and attract a customer. faithful -base! Ultimately, we want to reach families who have never tried West African food and show them what they are missing out on! Ready meals are the perfect introduction to this type of cuisine, and might make Brits opt for, say, our Afang Soup, or Rice Stew, over their usual Shepherd’s Pie or Chow-mein Ready Meal!

We plan to be the first ethnic minority catering company to host a Royal Family event in the near future……Smiles

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