Meet Raj Burman, CEO of Techfugees: A Tech Community Helping Displaced People

The Techfugees Global Festival brings together the tech community, refugee talent and their stories for an enriched knowledge-sharing forum that champions human rights while leading thought leadership on three themes: digital divide/accessibility, displacement/inclusion of refugees with technology for human rights and safeguarding.

The event will take place in London on October 10th.

How did the idea for the event come about?

As the world opened up again, we saw the event as an opportunity to grow the Techfugees community (volunteers, technology solution providers, funders/sponsors, companies and charities/NGOs), fundraise and partnerships to expand the activities of the program to support the migration of displaced people and expand human rights and change perceptions by celebrating the talent of displaced people.

Why are you releasing now?

We felt it was important to bring our community together in person, now that events have opened up again, to work together in support of displaced people now more than ever after the recent events in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Pakistan.

How did you select your list of speakers?

We are very fortunate to partner with some amazing organizations that share our values ​​and goals in supporting equitable access for displaced people.

We have two panel sessions, one led by Richard Hodkinson, who leads our Ukraine Emergency Response Network, and the second will focus on protecting CEOs of major human trafficking organizations.

How can people sign up and get involved?

People can get more information about partnering or volunteering for us through our website and can come to the event on October 10th online or in person through this link:

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