Meet Sameer Kothari Chief, Executive Officer of Medical

Sameer Kothari

Diagnostics Pioneer: ZilicoMeet Sameer Kothari, Chief Executive Officer of Medical Diagnostics Trendsetter: Silico
Silico is the result of a wish to boost cancer medical diagnosis in collaboration with excellent scientific minds at Sheffield University.
Silico was produced after a successful collaboration between the University of Sheffield and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Structure Trust, UK, to develop a much more accurate means of medical diagnosis for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). The technology we created is called ZedScan ™ as well, as it is a specific accessory diagnostic device that uses EIS (Electric Insusceptibility Spectroscopy) innovation to identify cellular changes that can not always be seen with common colposcopy.

What do you assume makes this business special?

Business and technology are entirely one-of-a-kind and born out of the need to develop a device that conserves individuals’ lives. EIS (Electric Resistance Spectroscopy) has a fantastic possibility for many other uses for other diagnostics. Our company also believes it could be crucial as a basis for additional development, so remain tuned in this area!

Exactly how has the company progressed in the last two years?

We have had a duration of extraordinary development which sees us now being utilized in several NHS Trusts in the UK and worldwide. We have addressed the World Health Company (WHO) to discuss how modern technology can assist third-world countries where screening programs are not as progressed as in the UK. More interestingly, we received our most durable study.
Scientists assessed scans from 5,257 females by 82 colposcopies at 26 clinics in 9 countries. The most significant rise was in females referred with low-grade adjustments, commonly one of the toughest to picture, where ZedScan had a more than 50% increase in the detection of the top-quality condition. It showed that Zedscan boosts cervical cancer detection by 24%. We are incredibly pleased with this, particularly in diagnosing hard-to-detect cases. We are making a difference.

What can we get out of Zilico in the future?

We have highly unique plans for further growth and the development of brand-new products and also enhancements to ZedScan. We hope to get to people around the world who need our aid. Watch out for more products that include EIS because it’s a remarkable technology with fantastic potential.