Searches for ‘how to invest’ rise 186% amid mortgage chaos and market turmoil

Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for ‘how to invest’ skyrocketed by 186% in the UK as of 27 September 2022.

In late September, some mortgage lenders discontinued their business to new customers amid market turmoil as well as the pound sterling’s fall, likely leading to a rise in interest rates and worsening inflation.

The analysis, by Investing Reviews, reveals that searches for ‘how to invest’ have exploded to nearly double the average volume last week, an unprecedented increase in Brits seeking information on how to start investing their money, according to the analysis. of Google search data. The data also reveals that searches for ‘beginner investing’ exploded by 522% last week.

how to invest google trend

A spokesperson for Investing Reviews commented: “As the market becomes increasingly volatile, leading to a likely rise in interest rates and inflation, it is not surprising that Brits are looking for new ways to save their money.

However, the latest market news has now caused a rapid increase in interest online for those looking to start investing their money, highlighting the huge impact that the cost of living crisis is having on the public. Investing money can be a vital way to not only save your money but also earn lucrative returns, however it is highly recommended to carefully research all investment opportunities before making any concrete decisions. It will be fascinating to see if these surveys translate into investment and what Britons will choose to invest in.”

Who is doing these searches?

The area most interested in saving and investing is Reading. There are 5,118 searches per month for terms related to savings and investment per 100,000 Reading residents. The most popular term is ‘premium bonds’, with an average of 1,300 average monthly searches per month in Reading. This is followed by ‘cryptocurrency’ with 720 average monthly searches and ‘credit card’ with 480 average monthly searches.

Bristol is the second most interested area in savings and investments. There is an average of 4,887 searches related to savings and investment per 100,000 inhabitants. This is a result of 465,866 Bristol residents and a combined monthly total search volume of 22,770 across all terms. The most searched term related to investing and saving was ‘loan’, with 2,400 average monthly searches being done in Bristol.

Manchester residents are the third most interested in savings and investments. Each month, there are an average of 4,327 searches per 100,000 population for searches related to saving money. Similar to Bristol, Mancunians are searching the term ‘borrowing’ the most of any search term.

Fourth is Bournemouth, with 4,234 searches per 100,000 residents each month. This is due to a population of 187,503 and a total average of 7,940 searches for savings and investment terms. The most popular terms Googled by Bournemouth residents are ‘loan’, ‘premium bonds’ and ‘cryptocurrency’.

Liverpool rounds out the top five with an average of 4,161 monthly searches for money-saving terms per 100,000 residents. There are a total of 19,380 searches done each month by Liverpool for terms of saving money out of a population of 465,000.

The most money-saving areas on Google

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