Begin of the week: t2

  • t2 was founded in 2021 Mengyao Han.
  • The startup focuses on the curation value individuals contribute with their focus.
  • T2 is a decentralized globe for posting as well as analysis.

What is t2?

T2 was conceived as a decentralized online editor promoting collaboration and rewards between customers. Motivations between authors, readers, and managers have been thoroughly lined up so that everyone that adds gets fair benefits for their payments.

” t2 is intended to motivate altruistically and contribute actions that can, alternatively, raise social awareness of teaming up in the focus economic climate. T2 is also a quick and hyper-efficient intermediator for community structure. The formula allows users to unite around their common passions for collective objectives with mere financial criteria that loop their group motivations.”

That started t2?

t2 was founded in 2021 Mengyao Han. Intending to aid people in identifying the worth of their attention, t2 allows writers and visitors to develop their subcultures (t2 regions) and organize around their passions.

With t2, worth is dispersed amongst staff members based on the interaction of each employee in a decentralized way.

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What is Vision?

T2 improves the assurance of non-owned shared information that web3 offers. The startup wishes to evolve the individual experience to one more level of connection, enabling them to take advantage of all the info readily available on the web in a decentralized method. With t2, each customer becomes a contributor who will undoubtedly be fairly rewarded for their time.

” t2 focuses on the curation value that users add with their interest, which helps combine content instead of just focusing on developing brand-new content. T2 produces relevance for every individual and little collective group; good user habits are as valuable as the content itself and must be caught and returned to its factors.”

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What is the vital message of t2?

The central startup message can be broken down right into several different parts:

Value capture— t2 records the curation worth of user focus as a network signal. It then utilizes that network signal as fuel for material creation and community generation growth.

Social Reading— is a reading engine designed for users to review in a social setup, generating positive comments.

Money-making time— t2 emerges as the very first player in the world of web3 using the advanced approach to monetize human time through reading.

” t2 (short for time squared) is a decentralized globe for publishing and analysis. At t2, individuals’ analysis time acts as currency, and the subculture results from collective curation.”