Ten good reasons to keep a travel journal with you for life!

Whether you are an experienced globetrotter or a beginner traveler, it can be exciting to keep a travel diary. Not only is it a beautiful personal item full of memories, but it is also an opportunity for you to immortalize all your experiences in one place. Here are 10 good reasons to keep a travel journal.

 Keep a personal and unique memory

A travel diary is, above all, to keep track of your trip adventures and our experiences. This is an opportunity for you to organize your memories, take a step back from what may have happened, and remember the good times. Indeed, if you like looking at photo albums, you will also like to reread your travel journal and dive back into your memories on each page. Returning to it will be even more fun as the years goes by.

Share memories with loved ones

The travel diary is a personal object that can quickly become an accurate sharing tool. Indeed, the best way to share your memories with your loved ones is to tell your journey through your logbook. Between anecdotes, souvenir photos, and good addresses, the travel diary is a resource of ideas, stories, and experiences. It would, therefore, be a shame not to share it with the whole family.

Relive your trip when you need to

I’m not telling you anything if I tell you that the nostalgia for travel always hits us. Keeping a travel diary is an excellent solution to fill the lack of travel and the nostalgia that haunts us. So don’t hesitate to return to the logbook of your last trip or the one that left the biggest impression on you. You can dive back into your travel photos, relive your adventures through your notes and even want to go back again.

Note good tips and good addresses

In addition to collecting memories and anecdotes, the travel diary can become an actual address book and good tips. You will, therefore, be able to group all the good addresses during your trip and which ones you would happily return to. It is helpful if you want to return to the same place and an excellent way to advise and share your good deals with your loved ones on your blog or social networks.

Prepare your next stay

And yes! Keeping a travel diary does not mean that you have to start it once you arrive there. It can also be used as a travel organizer where you can write down everything you don’t want to forget before leaving—a good idea to structure your ideas and clarify your thoughts. Finally, the travel notebook will be an exciting tool for preparing for your trip and gathering all your memories together once you return—a process kept in a single laptop.

 Express your creativity

If the travel diary is ideal for compiling all your memories and anecdotes, it is also an opportunity to express your creativity. Whether for writing, drawing, painting or scribbling, the notebook remains a tool where imagination and personality can come to life as they see fit. It’s a way to transcribe your trip and feelings as you wish. If the words don’t come, a drawing representative of your day will be a little more. Rest assured; there is no obligation to be a born artist to let go of the brush or pencil. It will always be fun and exciting to come back to it later and see how it evolves.

 Feed your blog or social networks

A travel diary can also be your everyday tool to feed your travel blog and social networks. This allows you to group all your ideas and anecdotes so that you remember everything. It can then take the form of note-taking and an address book to be able to transcribe everything you wish to transmit on the internet. Indeed, sharing your experiences and anecdotes on the internet can be very useful for several reasons:

 Meet new people

This also refers to the previous point, but the travel diary can also be an opportunity to meet new people who have had the same experiences or have the same values ​​as you. Indeed, the travel community is very present on the internet. Instinct Voyageur shares as many experiences as possible to help those wanting to get started. Whether on your blog, your social networks or in travel guides, the logbook will allow you to communicate with those who have been to the same place or are looking for information on this subject.

Enjoy your trip more

Keeping a travel diary takes up only some of your time, and luckily! It is a spontaneous activity that can be done at your desired pace. It’s also an excellent way to make the most of your trip since it lets you step back from your day and experiences. It makes you relive amusing anecdotes just as it can make you put into perspective a mishap that you may have had earlier in the day.

Exercise your memory

Finally, the travel diary is a very effective tool for working on your memory. Whether to transcribe your day as the trip progresses or to reread the notebook a few months or years later. The travel journal is ultimately an infinite resource for storing memories and anecdotes or reviving those you had forgotten with the months and years that passed. And if you are missing a trip, it gives you a little balm in your heart to rekindle the flame of the traveller you once were. Diagonal Horizon is one of the best online brand from where you can buy bullet journal and as well Stainless steel travel tumbler.

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