The best VPNs for a dedicated IP start at $7/month

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a series of numbers used to identify a device on a network. A dedicated IP address is a type of IP address that is assigned to only one domain. They are often offered as an add-on to VPN services.

In this guide, we explore whether your website needs a dedicated IP and the best deals to consider.

What is the difference between a dedicated IP and a public IP?

The difference is the number of users assigned to it. A dedicated IP is exclusive to a single account, whereas a shared IP address is shared between multiple domains.

Shared IP addresses are often shared by shared hosting accounts that host multiple websites on the same server. This means that all these websites share the same IP address. However, it is possible to have a shared IP without a shared server.

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How do dedicated IP addresses work?

Dedicated IP addresses work by assigning one IP address to one user. This means they run faster because when someone clicks on your site, the server doesn’t have to search for your site. However, public IP addresses require the server to spend time looking up many other websites, which causes latency.

Is “dedicated IP” the same as “static IP”?

No, but there is some overlap. An IP address can be static or dynamic.​​

A static IP address remains the same over time, whereas a dynamic IP address can change over time.

A dedicated IP address is very often static, allowing other computers to more reliably find your server when connected to the router. However, this is not always the case and you may have allocated IP addresses that are dynamic.

Do I need a dedicated IP address for my business?

Yes, if you get a lot of traffic or send a lot of emails.

It can be useful to think not only about your current needs, but also about your future needs, and if you see your traffic increasing in the foreseeable future, a dedicated IP address can help you reduce your download times.

Lag time can seriously impact a business as it can be a huge turn off for customers. Customers may get bored or frustrated and click on your page.

If your business sends a large volume of emails, consider using a dedicated IP address. This means more than 100 thousand e-mails every year. This is because a dedicated IP address has a better “reputation”, which means that email services such as Gmail are less likely to send these emails to the spam folder.

What are the benefits of a dedicated IP address?

The primary benefit of a dedicated IP address is performance. Your dedicated IP address will result in increased website speed, lower latency, fewer connection issues, and the inability of other websites to affect your performance.

Another advantage is that you will be able to add, edit and view files at any time.

How do I get a dedicated IP address?

Most VPN providers offer a dedicated IP address as an add-on. They are usually static and private. Sometimes you may be required to participate and possibly pay a very small fee.

Other providers offer dedicated IP addresses for free, but they tend to have limitations. For example, a dedicated IP address may be public, meaning that someone else can use it when you log out.

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Does the type of IP I use affect my SEO?

No, your SEO is not affected at all by the type of IP you use.

What are the disadvantages of a public IP address?

Smaller websites may not have a problem with shared IP addresses. Unlike dedicated IP addresses, they have limitations such as:

  • Longer loading times
  • Some software incompatibilities

The problem of longer load times increases as your site gets larger. The more traffic you get, the longer it will take to load if you use a shared IP address. This means that switching to a dedicated IP address can help businesses get higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

How much do dedicated IPs cost?

A dedicated IP address can cost anywhere from £2 to £200 per month, depending on your hosting provider, but on average they cost around £35 for a small batch. Pricing generally depends on server configuration and resources.

You can get a good deal by signing up for a VPN plan and getting your dedicated IP as an add-on.

Which providers offer the best dedicated IP addresses?

NordVPN, PureVPN, and PrivateVPN are the best dedicated IP providers. These are VPN services that allow users to choose dedicated IP addresses.


  • Dedicated IP addresses in 5 locations
  • ChaCha20 encryption
  • Extremely high speed

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NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses in 5 locations in Europe and the US. This is a big plus for an already impressive VPN service. It offers some of the best speeds available and makes it very easy to set up a dedicated IP, although this requires a dedicated subscription.

Nord offers a 30-day free trial, which is a great way to see if it might be a good fit for your business. to start


  • 7 dedicated IP locations
  • Very accessible
  • WireGuard’s fast performance

PureVPN offers dedicated IP addresses in the US, UK, Singapore, Malta, Germany, Australia and Canada. This service costs an additional fee per month on top of their VPN, but it’s very easy to use this add-on – you just need to add it at checkout.

While PureVPN isn’t always as fast as NordVPN, it offers a great VPN service as well as the fast WireGuard protocol.

Private VPN

  • 9 dedicated IP locations
  • No purchase of additional components is required
  • Good speeds

The best thing about PrivateVPN’s dedicated IP service is that you don’t need to buy any additional add-ons. They also offer it at nine locations: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA and France.

The reason PrivateVPN didn’t top this list is because the dedicated IP addresses it offers are public, not private. This means that other users can use them as long as it’s not at the same time as you. If you disconnect, someone else can use your IP.

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