Top 10 IT support services in London

Are you looking for the best IT support available in London? Look no further, TechRound has compiled a list of the 10 best IT support services available in London. Companies offering managed IT services, 24/7 support and on-site help can be found in our top 10 IT support list.

With more companies now outsourcing IT support, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, TechRound’s top 10 list should give you a better idea of ​​which company below is best for you based on your company’s industry, your budget, and what you’d like to achieve from outsourcing managed IT support.

What is IT Support?

IT support, in short, is a service that helps individuals or companies of different sizes, in everything related to IT. Typically, IT support is outsourced to companies when an issue is found with a technology device.

IT support also includes steps before an issue is found. For example, IT support companies are likely to provide assistance for installation, configuration of equipment, as well as assistance with software and hardware in companies. Thus, IT support is a crucial element for the smooth running of a business.

Who are the best IT support services in London?

What a company might consider “best” depends on a number of factors, such as the type of specific managed IT services they would like to take advantage of, what their budget is, and whether they would like to outsource long-term IT support.

There are usually a few great IT support companies available in London and other major UK cities for all businesses to take advantage of. TechRound, however, has compiled its own top 10 list to help give you a better idea of ​​which companies to choose in London!

1. Lucidic


Lucidica ranks first on TechRound’s list because it is flexible, affordable and provides award-winning IT support for successful London businesses. If you’re looking for a company that will provide IT support as your startup grows, look no further than Lucidica.

In addition, Lucidica also offers a wide range of IT support services in London. Available 24/7, onsite or remotely, Lucidica offers services from enterprise cybersecurity to web design and development! So every aspect of your business can be taken care of with Lucidica.

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2. Syntax


Syntax has over 29 years of experience in IT support, so if you choose them, your business is definitely in good hands. Syntax is not only a well-established and reputable company, but also provides high quality security and compliance services.

In today’s digital world, keeping your online business safe is now more important than ever. So Syntax is a great company to choose from in London as it is known for helping companies with the security challenges many face today.

3. HTL London

html logo

HTL London is another IT support services company that businesses in and around London can definitely count on. Their customers rate them over 98% on how quickly they received help, how quickly and efficiently HTL London made a call, and how satisfied they were with their services.

In addition, HTL London also provides VoIP business phone systems for businesses in London. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is becoming the new and most popular way for businesses to connect today and will replace landlines by 2025.

4. Microprofessional


Providing efficient and fast IT support services to small and medium sized businesses, Micro Pro is without a doubt one of the best companies in London. In addition, they provide a wide range of IT consulting services to help set up and run software like Microsoft 365 for businesses in London.

The Micro Pro is also highly rated for its friendly customer service, something many companies will look to in an IT support service! Micro Pro is also based in other major UK cities and towns such as Glasgow, Kent and Surrey. So not just great for anyone in London!

5. UK IT Service


Want to use a reputable and well-established IT support service in London? Then UK IT Service located on Stean Street might be the company for you! With a customer satisfaction rating of 98%, as well as being trusted by over 4,000 users, UK IT Service is definitely one of the top contenders when it comes to managed IT services in London.

They also offer one-time IT projects, so great if you’re not ready to commit to a long term contract!

6. Cardonet


Like UK IT Service, Cardonet has been in the IT support industry for a long time. Founded in 1999, Cardonet has grown to become a successful and popular IT support service in London.

Cardonet has undoubtedly proved its ability. They are a trusted IT service partner for large companies in the UK, from Holiday Inn to Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. If your company is bigger, Cardonet can be a good solution.


ITRM logo

In the 2019 ITRM customer survey, they received a customer satisfaction score of 89%. Since then, ITRM has continued to develop and grow as an IT support services company in London. Also, in 2020, on the Net Promoter score, they achieved a score of 78 out of 100.

If you are looking for a more affordable IT support service in London, ITRM could be a good fit for your business. They also provide help to businesses in Central and Greater London.

8. London Network

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98% of IT issues reported to Network London are resolved. Therefore, Network London is a great IT support company that ensures their customers and business are put first and resolve any IT support issues quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking to outsource IT support, but want any IT-related issues addressed quickly, Network London may be an option to consider. Network London also works with a variety of businesses, from finance to restaurants.

9. Netzen

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If you have a smaller budget or your business is smaller in size, Netzen might be right for you. With affordable pricing and contracts, Netzen has been in the IT support services industry for 15 years.

Charging £10 per PC, Netzen is extremely affordable when it comes to IT support services in London. They also provide help if your company is moving office and can do it in a short amount of time to save money!

10. Akita

akita logo

Akita provides managed IT services to companies consisting of 10 to 200 users. Akita prides itself on its great IT support helpdesk, which can help businesses in and around London anytime, any day.

With over 200 5-star reviews, Akita is definitely an upcoming candidate for IT support services in London.