A chat with Ivan Liljeqvist, CEO of Web3 API Carrier: Moralis

Moralis is a leading Web3 API provider that assists business bridge the development space in between Web2 as well as Web3. We empower firms to improve blockchain, sustaining them as they scale and connect cross-chain dapps, lowering advancement time, cost, and complexity


Exactly how did the suggestion for the business transpire?

I satisfied my co-founder Filip Martinsson in 2014 while examining at the KTH Royal Institute of Modern Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. As software program designers with a shared business spirit and passion for programs, we both had an eager desire for emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In 2017, having determined the many problems facing brand-new web3 developers, we set up our initial company: the Ivan on Tech Academy (called Moralis Academy).
With academia, Filip and I wished to address what we felt was an expertise void around blockchain innovation, as well as create training courses to inform and educate programmers to improve blockchain. Nonetheless, while training students and working with Web3 jobs in growth, we were concerned the final thought that the development devices available on web3 were underdeveloped as well as complicated.
We realized that to help educate our trainees and create Web3 projects, we needed to create a tool that felt familiar to web2 programmers. A device that would allow you to produce decentralized applications (dApps) without particular knowledge of internet programming3.
In 2021, we released Moralis, a cross-platform, cross-chain Web3 API carrier that enables creators to develop, scale, and incorporate blockchain projects.

Exactly how has the firm developed in the last two years?

It’s been an outstanding initial year. We’ve developed a solid and involved neighborhood of designers, collaborated with and also alongside several of the most important names in modern technology (we recently partnered on a hackathon with Google) as well as seen a lot of interest from companies as well as designers being used Moralis to construct their web3 jobs. In between, we also raised a $40 million round for our Series A.

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What can we get out of Moralis in the future?

You can expect us to integrate many new programmers into the web3 globe while aiding firms to integrate blockchain into everything.
Our objective is to bridge the growing gap between web2 and web3, giving the facilities developers and organizations require to migrate to the metaverse and also take full advantage of the chances provided by the following model of the Internet.