Can’t Update the Nighthawk Router? Try This!

The firmware on your Netgear router should be updated from time to time. This helps your router get new features and enhance its performance. But is the firmware update not happening? Have you tried both web interface and Nighthawk app to update your router? Nothing helped? Well, try the solutions that we are going to provide you with in this post. You will surely get help and get your router updated to the latest firmware version. Let’s get started.

Nighthawk Router Can’t Get Updated: Causes & Fixes

This section will help you with causes that are stopping the firmware update. Plus the solutions are tagged along. Use them and get rid of the trouble you’re facing right now.

Cause 1: Using Wrong Firmware File

You might be trying to upload an incorrect firmware file on your router and hence you are unable to update it. Let us tell you that different router models have different firmware updates. If you are using the manual method then you might have downloaded a file that’s meant for some other router model.

Solution: Use the Right File

Go to the official Netgear website and get the firmware file for your router form there. Keep into consideration the Netgear router model that you have installed. Download the right firmware file and then connect your PC to the router’s network. Do the Netgear Nighthawk router login and install the firmware on your router.

Cause 2: Faulty Internet

You need to have a stable internet connection while you are trying to update your Netgear router to avoid getting stuck during the process.

Solution: Fix Internet Connection

Do a speed test before you begin updating your router. Your device should be connected t a stable internet connection. To ensure this verify the connection between the Netgear router and modem. It has to be well intact. Make any amendments if required so that you can carry out the firmware update process easily.

Cause 3: Inadequate Power Connection

An inadequate power supply can halt the firmware update process in between. If the router or modem is not fully powered up, you’ll face issues while getting your router updated.

Solution: Ensure Sufficient Power Supply

Check the Netgear router and modem’s power connection now. Thoroughly examine the power sockets and the power adapters now. Ensure that the cable is not loose. Plus you should check that the socket is not damaged. Use a UPS if there’s a need of doing so.

Cause 4: Interruption in the Process

If the firmware process is interrupted while in progress, you will face issues while completing the task.

Solution: Avoid Interruption

Make certain that you are not doing anything that can hinder or interrupt the process while it is in p;orgess. For instance, do not open any other tab or avoid playing online games. If the firmware update is taking time, then you need to wait patiently and avoid turning off the router. Let the process get completed either by using the Netgear Nighthawk app or web interface.

Cause 5: Technical Glitch

A glitch in the Netgear router might also stop the update process. The reason for the technical glitches is unknown most of times. Sudden power interruption is a reason. Glitches can affect the functioning of the router.

Solution: Reboot the Router

Eliminating the technical glitches in the Netgear Nighthawk router is possible f you reboot it. So, perform a reboot now. Power off your WiFi router now and unplug its power cable from the outlet. Plug it back in after about 5 minutes. Toggle the Power button to the Off position and power it up. Now, connect your computer to its network. Try to update firmware on the router now. It should work this time without giving you any trouble.

Wrap Up

Make sure that you are following the right process to update your Netgear router this time. Also, avoid interrupting the process in between. As soon as your router is updated, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in its performance. Make sure that you always keep an eye on the firmware updates rolled out by Netgear. Ensure timely updates for your router to make the most out of it.

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