How to Fix High Ping in Gaming – Troubleshooting

Lagging in a game can be one of the most painful experiences for this Gen Z. Especially when the person is about to go for a kill and suddenly the internet drops. All this happens because of a high ping. This post will make you aware of a few techniques that you should follow to improve your gaming experience whether you have done PS5 or Xbox Series X. Read on.

Fixed: How to Fix High Ping in Gaming

Giving a shot at the troubleshooting techniques mentioned below will come later. But, first of all, you are suggested to upgrade the drivers of the system on which you are playing games. It will help you avoid performance-related issue while playing an online game. For the rest of the troubleshooting, please refer to the tips jotted down below:

  • Place the Router Properly

You might be wondering about the relation between the WiFi router placement and the high ping. Keep in mind that when the router is placed improperly, it is most likely to deliver poor signals in all the corners of your house. As a result, your gaming consoles will also get poor signals. Thus, you are suggested to check the placement of your router. Be certain that your WiFi router is not located in a corner or near a thick concrete wall. The reason being, signals get wasted when the device is placed at such a location. Additionally, you must keep your WiFi router away from the devices and objects mentioned below:

  1. Objects Containing a Lot of Water: Objects carrying water are capable of absorbing the signals of the router due to their electromagnetic nature. We do not need to mention that water is a good conductor of electricity and hence possess the power of absorbing WiFi signals. For example, aquariums and geysers.
  • EM Waves Emitting Devices: The devices like microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, washing machines, etc. operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Thus, they tend to emit EM waves. With that being said, such devices or gadgets can mess up with the signals emitted by your WiFi router thereby resulting in high ping on your gaming devices.

You also need to keep your WiFi router and gaming consoles away from metal objects and reflexive surfaces like mirrors, lenses, and glasses.

  • Update the Router’s Firmware

This point is applicable to every gateway to which you connect your gaming console. For your information, all the networking devices have firmware embedded in them. This firmware is responsible for the inputs taken and outputs delivered by the router. Therefore, if you are getting high ping on your gaming devices, you have to upgrade the firmware of the WiFi router/gateway you own. It will also improve the security of the home network. You can take the aid of the steps mentioned here if you are not aware of the steps to upgrade the firmware of your router:

  1. Switch on your router and connect the computer to its WiFi.
  2. After that, open a web browser and insert the default IP of the router into the URL bar.
  3. Once you reach the login portal of your router, log in using the valid password.
  4. Find the option that is labeled as Firmware Update.
  5. Click Check Now to initiate the firmware update process.

Note: The steps mentioned above apply to most of the WiFi router products. If you are uploading the firmware file manually on your WiFi router, then we advise you not to upload the incorrect firmware file. Plus, be very certain that you are not interrupting the firmware update process by turning off the router.

The Final Words

Getting high ping during games has become a common thing these days. By following the tips given in the write-up, you will be able to address it easily. Remember that it is not necessary that after following the techniques given above, the problem will be resolved. You also have to upgrade the firmware of your gaming consoles and keep the network traffic at minimum.

If possible, play games with the help of wired connection. But, keep in mind one thing that you cannot use a damaged Ethernet cable for connecting your devices. Otherwise the problem will remain still. Reboot the entire home network to keep the gaming experience fresh always.

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