Netgear Wireless Router Keeps Cutting Out [Fixed]

“My Netgear wireless router keeps cutting out. I’ve gone through a number of reset cycles and tried setting the router up via the IP. But, to no avail.” This is not the problem of one Netgear user. 3 out 5 Netgear users are facing a similar kind of problems while using their routers. Some say that their routers keep losing connection whereas the rest have complained about their router getting disconnected all of a sudden. But, whatever they call the problem, the main point is that the issue is related to WiFi. In this post, we will try to shed light on the tips to resolve the problem. But, before all that, shall we shed light on the factors deciding the WiFi performance of your router?

Factors Affecting the Router’s WiFi Performance

  1. The Router’s Location: The location at which your Netgear router sits holds an utmost importance. If the router’s location houses objects that contain a large amount of water then it is most likely that you will face the Netgear wireless router keeps cutting out problem.
  1. The Firmware Version: The second that decides the WiFi performance delivered by your Netgear router is the firmware version on which it is running. The firmware is a kind of software embedded in the router that controls the output delivered. Thus, if you run your router on an outdated firmware version, facing WiFi related problem is not a new thing.
  1. The Ethernet Connection: Netgear wireless router fetches the internet signal from the modem. It means that if the connection between these devices is weak, you are most probably killing your internet usage experience with the router. For your information, the connection becomes weak when the cable connecting the devices is damaged.

So, these were the reasons due to which the Netgear wireless router keeps cutting out. Move to the next section to learn the ways to fix the problem. But, before that, you need to power cycle the WiFi router. It will not only catalyze the troubleshooting process but will also provide the router with the ability to fight technical glitches. Simply, unplug the router’s power cable from its respective wall outlet and wait for 10 minutes. After that, switch on the router.

Fixed: Netgear Wireless Router Keeps Cutting Out

  1. Place the Router Properly: You need to pick your WiFi router up and place it away from the devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies (televisions, microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, washing machines, etc.) and the objects that contain a lot of water (geysers and aquariums). Keep your Netgear wireless router away from reflexive surfaces.
  1. Update the Firmware: Launch the Nighthawk application on a tablet/mobile phone connected to the dedicated network of your Netgear router and log in to it. You are now supposed to find the Firmware Update tile and tap it. After that, check if the router needs a firmware update or not. If yes, then follow the instructions that show up on the screen to upgrade the router’s firmware. You can also use the setup URL to update the firmware.
  1. Take Care of the Ethernet Connection: The connection between your Netgear wireless router and the modem should be finger-tight. But, keep in mind that creating a finger-tight connection will not suffice. You need to take care of the physical condition of the Ethernet cable too. It must not have cuts and should be connected perfectly to the working ports of your networking devices.

Summing Up

The Netgear wireless router keeps cutting out issue affects the internet experiences a lot. We hope that after taking the help of the aforesaid techniques, you will be able to bring things back on track. On the off chance, you are still facing problems, you should reset the router and set it up once again from scratch.

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