How to Fix Modern Warfare High CPU Usage

Modern Warfare is a popular first-person shooter video game that has been praised for its graphics and gameplay. However, many users have reported high CPU usage when playing the game. In this article, we will show you how to fix Modern Warfare high CPU usage.

What is Modern Warfare and how does it use CPU?

Modern Warfare is an extremely popular first-person shooter video game series developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game is known for its high levels of graphic violence and intense gameplay. Modern Warfare games typically use a lot of CPU resources, which can cause widespread system slowdown.

There are several ways to reduce Modern Warfare CPU usage. One way is to turn off specific features that are not necessary for the gameplay. For example, you can disable particle effects if you don’t need them, or turn off shadows if they’re not affecting your performance. Additionally, you can try to tweak your graphics settings to improve performance. If that doesn’t work, you can try to disable background tasks or adjust your computer’s hardware configuration.

Ways to Fix High CPU Usage in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare’s high CPU usage can be frustrating, especially when it’s preventing you from completing your game. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Here are three tips:

1. Check Your System Requirements

Before trying any of the fixes below, first, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for Modern Warfare. This can be found on the Activision website or by searching for “system requirements” on Google. If your game is not running as smoothly as you would like, upgrading your hardware may be your best bet.

2. Disable Unnecessary Features

Some applications, such as Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode, can hog resources and cause high CPU usage. To try and fix the issue, disable any unnecessary features or processes in your computer’s operating system. This may include disabling Windows updates, uninstalling programs that you don’t use regularly, and turning off add-ons or plug-ins that you don’t need. For a full list of options, visit Microsoft’s website or search for “PC Optimization Tips” online.

3. Check Your Hardware Configuration

If you wish to make sure that your computer system has the ability to deal with the demands of modern-day video games, you need to inspect your hardware arrangement. Below are some things to search for:

  • CPU that goes to at least 3 GHz.
  • A graphics card that goes at least DirectX 11 is suitable.
  • At least 4 GB of RAM

These are the minimal demands for most games. Nonetheless, some games might require extra powerful hardware. If you’re not sure whether your computer can take care of a certain video game, you can examine the game’s system demands on its website.

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If you’re experiencing Modern Warfare high CPU usage issues, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

First, make sure your computer is up-to-date with the latest security patches and software.

Second, try disabling some of the background tasks that your computer performs automatically in order to free up more resources for Modern Warfare.

Third, check to see if any third-party programs are causing excessive CPU usage. Finally, if all else fails, consider upgrading your hardware or installing a new operating system.

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